February 4b- Parisian Mysteries, no 2

Dear February,

you surely want to know what happened to Victor Legris, the librarian and potential detective/murderer in the “Mystère rue des Saint-Pères”, I started reading the other day. Ok, I will just give you some hints, because otherwise you might not read it for yourself.

It is the best thing to do after getting a small cold, everyone around is coughing so I sympathize –

Now, Victor, in his 30s, is he my type of guy? Apparently good-looking. He has a bourgeois mistress whose husband is away on business, somewhere is South America. On the other hand, he has been charmed by the red-haired Tasha, who is painting the caricatures at his friend’s journal. A 23-year-old, apparently living by herself and having a lot of success with the opposite sex.

Victor is living at the same place with his associate, an older French-Japanese, Kenji Mori, who keeps secrets, even from Victor. And he seems to have a mysterious past.

In the middle of all this, about three people die, apparently stung by a bee. However, someone is living notes claiming that these deaths are not accidental.

I think that I have some things in common with Victor, so it could have worked out for us.

1. I love books, so he could interest me as a librarian.

2. He is falling in love quiet easy, before getting to know the other person, and his imagination is running wild with him.

3. He likes red-haired women, and I am in a red-hair mood these days.

Now, reasons why we might not hit it well:

a. he is still living with a father figure, and we don’t really know what his associate is up to.

b. He is spending three chapters thinking on Tasha instead of doing something. I am a little bit like this, so we would have to wait until the end of the book to see some action.

c. I don’t know yet if he is the murderer. And no, I am not dating the bad guy.


Murder on the Eiffel Tower



February 4- On Concentration and Focus

How is it going February?

Do you have any suggestions on focusing and concentration? I told you I have a kind of project to finish, and my brain needs to get together and bring me this genius idea hiding in there!

Thank you for another sunny and crispy cold day, by the way. If you look for me, you will find me in one of my favorite cafés, taking notes, writing, and calling up friends. But at some point I need to stop and come up with a simple, clear and extremely original proposal. The kind of thing the curator of the Beaubourg museum will invite for the next season!

So, what was your idea? Eating a lot of blueberries? Coffee and chocolate? I got that.

I read I should have stayed at home, as far as possible from noise and distractions. But I need variety.

And I also like music when I think.

But for each 40 minutes maybe, I need to be “present” in only one direction.

no concentration