February 3- Winter sun in Paris

Hello February,

just to prove my blog-friend Brian wrong, a beautiful winter sun is peeping out of the clouds in Paris. Does this mean no rain or fog? Not particularly. But you definitely need your sunglasses as we are talking.

So what’s new April? You might ask. Now you got your black bag, you boosted your feminine power, how are we doing in terms of goals, objectives and transformation processes?

Ok, here you are:

First thing: I am finishing an exposition project and submit it for feedback until the end of the week

Second thing: I lobby powerful art people and ask for support

Third action: I start looking for a new working space

Fourth: I begin answering old emails and facing frustrated people who haven’t heard from me in a while

and last but not least: I enjoy my coffee in the winter Parisian sun!!!

Lever du soleil d'hiver à Paris, la Tour Eiffel vue du Trocadéro - France Banque d'images - 15381532


8 thoughts on “February 3- Winter sun in Paris

    • Thanks a lot Mandy but eh… my only merit regarding the picture is that I found it on the site cited underneath 🙂 I feel so lazy to upload pictures in my computer, maybe there is an easy way I need to learn… On the other hand, I was close to the Eiffel Tower, and that is why this picture was chosen 😉

  1. I’m so happy to be proven wrong! 🙂
    A beautiful sun in February is a rare occurrence and should be celebrated! 🙂
    (Mais le fonds de l’air doit être frais?) (Untranslatable french expression. I’ve tried it in a couple of languages and I just get blank stares!)
    Be good!

  2. By sharing your action points, you inspire people who also aspire to “be an artist”. I’ll be watching out for updates on your projects and try to start drafting my own, too.

    And by the way.. your blog looks amazing, I hope to visit Paris soon, too. I feel like I’m missing a lot.

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