February 3b- Parisian Mysteries…

Dear February,

would you know anything of a particular Parisian mystery, a story that took place at the very moment of the EIffel Tower construction?


Actually I refer to a novel I started last night, situated at this period, summer 1889 in Paris, whose title is “the Mystery of the street Saint-Pères”. It is the time of the World Fair, and the Eiffel Tower has been just built. For the time being, artists, journalists, middle-aged ladies with children want to see the view and get close to this new monument. But all of a sudden, a woman dies, apparently after being stung by a bee.

Or so it seems. Because another person, a man, without anything in common with this bourgeois lady, has the same luck at another part of the city.  Victor Legris runs a bookshop in Paris, is there. And he probably is the detective. Or the murderer? (I actually have just finished the first chapter).

Winter night, cold outside, and I decided to read some of the books on my library. Books that friends have offered me a while ago, and I wasn’t particularly excited to read at the moment. But now I think it is time to put some order in my home. After having moved in, last March, a lot of things are still in a mess -particularly books and papers-

So, my first choice has been this novel, written by two sisters Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefèvre, who decided to use a pseudonym : Claude Izner. One of their occupations has been “bouquinistes” close to the Notre Dame. I’d like to learn more about them! They actually received a literary price in 2003 for this very mystery novel.

Actually, there is also an english translation if you want to check it out: http://alexinleeds.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/murder-on-the-eiffel-tower.jpg

I will see how it goes…

February 3- Winter sun in Paris

Hello February,

just to prove my blog-friend Brian wrong, a beautiful winter sun is peeping out of the clouds in Paris. Does this mean no rain or fog? Not particularly. But you definitely need your sunglasses as we are talking.

So what’s new April? You might ask. Now you got your black bag, you boosted your feminine power, how are we doing in terms of goals, objectives and transformation processes?

Ok, here you are:

First thing: I am finishing an exposition project and submit it for feedback until the end of the week

Second thing: I lobby powerful art people and ask for support

Third action: I start looking for a new working space

Fourth: I begin answering old emails and facing frustrated people who haven’t heard from me in a while

and last but not least: I enjoy my coffee in the winter Parisian sun!!!

Lever du soleil d'hiver à Paris, la Tour Eiffel vue du Trocadéro - France Banque d'images - 15381532