January 31- On women’s bags and secret power

Hello January and farewell,

What is the link between a woman’s bag and her feminine power? Honestly, I was going to drop the bag-subject, because I finally found something that seems to fulfill all my desires 🙂

But then, comments of fellow blogers made me reflect and do some research on the topic.

What is this deep and dark secret hiding in our bag? Why all this bag-mania that goes beyond brands? When did it all start? All these questions, and even more…

Bags were used by men and women in different cultures all around the world. At least in the Western world, since the fourteen and fifteen centuries, and became associated to fashion, little by little.

As to their meaning, it could be related to status, the way to present ourself to society. A bag can also serve as a weapon: to handbag someone…

As to their “secret” meaning, psychology has an answer: our women’s bag represents our “womb” in a way. Our reproductive power, so, in a symbolic way, creativity. In dreams, bags are associated to feminine identity. Is it their round form, -despite designer’s effort to present more suggestions?

I wouldn’t know what to say.

In any case, it seems that in the literature, bags have something to do with our feeling of empowerment.

So, following this idea, it could be that my search for a new bag was a way to feel empowered. To bust my feminine self.

With this “magic” item 🙂

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Handbag Trends: Fringed Bags




3 thoughts on “January 31- On women’s bags and secret power

  1. For a long time bags were nothing I was interested in. I just needed a practical bag for all occasion to use it on a daily base. I hated changing a bag and putting all the stuff around. But meanwhile I love different bags. I still don’t change them daily but I found some joy in different looks for spring, summer, winter and I found a brand I truly love. It is fun to also use a bag as visible expression of my taste.

  2. This was a fun read. I used to have a handbag, along with diaper bags… excess luggage. I think though if you have a need for work to carry certain items equipment bags may be necessary . I though am at the point where I most often just slip a wallet in my back pocket. Less back pain from lugging untold amount of worldly things. I think for me less is empowering 😉 And yes the cell phone goes in its own pocket.

    Granted then I do not always have a comb or brush, makeup, sewing kit, spare clothing… on a daily basis. I do though have a few hand bags for special dinners which would only hold tissues, ID and some cash. Or my go to back-pack with the logo on upside-down – that I got at a discount because of the mistake (which I have had for years now). That generally holds the map, postcards, pad and pens and camera etc. when traveling.

    I cannot see spending thousands on matchy-matchy designer names to go with my shoes or outfit. But then I was never into fashion. 🙂

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