December 2- Questions for Santa Claus

Dear December,

I have started my letter to Santa Claus, and it seemed that I have only one wish, but this is not true. I just didn’t want to shock you with its length. For example, if I want a Prince just for me, should I think about characteristics? Blond, red or dark-haired? With a lot of hair in his body or not? Ok I have given up comparisons with tablets.

Taller than I, my size, shorter, big or small ears? Talented in something I appreciate? For example would I like him to be a great writer or would that make me feel anxious about my own talent? Doing something completely different, such as watching football? Eating the same kind of food?

Is Santa supposed to bother with all these details?

Being complementary.


After all, Princes are recognized by their generosity, good heart, a form of intelligence (any form?). Aren’t they?

Anyway, I don’t know what are the ingredients, but it seems that we should feel great together. Not for just an hour or two. Every time we meet? Most of the time? Appreciating each-other the way we grow. Separately and together.


1. I want to have a good time and fun with this Prince

2. We are complementary in the sense that together we become a better team than each of us separate

3. We like each other for now, and for the way we will grow together and separately

4. We have dreams and faith in the good in this world

Before I sent my letter to Santa I would like you to give me a feedback, December.

Just to make sure I put down everything I desire and everything that will answer someone else’s desire.

Letter to Santa - FREE printable by Events To Celebrate!

The link where I found this letter format!

December 1- A Christmas Kiss

Welcome December!

you brought us some cold, it feels like Christmas is really close, and Parisian streets decorated become magical!

Just to present myself, I am April, writer and artistic event organizer, with an ex-wannabe boss, and a lot of ideas.

Please don’t take it personally, but I might address myself also to Santa Claus from time to time and fill him in considering my wishes. There are a lot of needs in this world, but Santa has a way with things and I am sure he manages to reply to all the lists.

Now, the first thing on my list would be a Christmas kiss by a loved one.

(I promise to fulfill someone else’s wish and give a Christmas kiss on my side)

And then we’ll see. There is time!