December 19- In the middle of the night

Dear December,

do you want to know what am I doing awake in the middle of the night? I had another project to submit for funding, and as a last-minute person I ended up some minutes before midnight at the post-office of the Louvre. The one that is always open.

As I was running around, putting everything together and adding the last touch, I walked on christmas tree branches that fell when a neighbour transported it a real tree earlier. This brought me back to reality. It’s Christmas! Isn’t celebration more important than all the projects of the world? If we don’t have the time to stop and play,love, meet friends and family, what is all about?

Ok, projects and ideas count for me. I have to admit it.

But I also want to celebrate and be kissed by a gorgeous crazy in love with me, man. At least one.

As I was coming home after midnight I took a taxi, too tired to try the last metro. The driver was listening to a radio program where a woman was explaining how she run again into an old flame of hers. And fell in love with him again. He explained to her that he had feelings for her, but years ago he had to raise a young child; he was not open to a serious relationship.

The driver commented that people bring everything to themselves, in a philosophic way.

Was it a good idea for this woman to get back with her ex? Is timing perfect for them now?

And what do we learn from their story, as midnight Parisians, walking, driving and living in the city of light?



17 thoughts on “December 19- In the middle of the night

  1. I believe that it is always a good idea to trust your feelings and enjoy them. They can change, situations can change, people can change and a new decision might be required. But in that very moment it was right.

  2. I like the movie Midnight in Paris; it treats the city itself so lovingly. It obviously is a special place to you, so remember, you didn’t go to Paris just to be running around with projects. (Although, I understand that it is a part of what you do there.) You have to be open to what life brings you there, such as an interesting story to think about and write about heard in an unexpected taxi ride. I always enjoy reading your blog.

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