December 18- What can you do as an outsider?

Dear December,

I presented a plan for a future art exhibition to some influential people and they seemed to find it interesting, but a bit “alien”. I often get this feedback. Now there are two options: should I try to find those who consider my projects “normal” and familiar, or train these ones?

I am not sure what is the best.

Maybe the best is to be clear about my vision and see how I find the necessary collaboration, partners, artists, and all that is necessary, no matter the place, time, etc.


Now, if both myself and my plans seem strange, I will need something more than becoming familiar to decision-makers. I need an extra ambitious plan to get ahead. The artists and planners (I was almost writing wedding planners) who are well-integrated, either were Parisians all along, or had a mentor who pushed them in. They don’t have to worry about that.

I came from a tiny village in the South of France, my family had nothing to do with the fancy artistic world, apart from the fact they are art lovers. So, in a very conservative place like the Parisian art world, either I will accept my fate: that of an outsider who is present at the margins and should be happy with it.

Or, I pass to Plan B. Not only change of perspective, but also change of scale.

How is this going to be possible?

I need Santa for this one too.

advantage of being an outsider


4 thoughts on “December 18- What can you do as an outsider?

  1. I can’t really help you on this count. I’ve moved around so much that I was always an outsider. We’ve been in our home for 24 years and we are still outsiders to most of the neighbors. Though we have volunteered on the community and other organizations. They only want to see what you are doing today not what you did.
    Like that praise – Stick a fork in me, I’m done… I am done trying to please other people. But then my livelihood doesn’t depend on it.
    So keep trying both plan A and plan B someone will see your light and vision and hopefully soon – want to share it.

    I have never fit the mold. And I’ve stopped trying. One can get support from unique places though. So continue to look for it where ever and when ever. Keep dreaming and as Erika suggests in the quote from Dr. King…” just take the first step” – each and everyday if you have to.

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