December 16- A step closer

Dear December,

I feel I need motivation, some fuel, so I might do something today that my future self might thank me for: a haircut, to begin with. Now, of course, I will trust the hairdresser.

Something else my future self will like, is a good meal, with vegetables and fruit and not just cookies and chocolate. This will give me energy. And, and, I might go kiss someone to make their day 😉 I need to pick up a nice person or two.

For the rest, a lot of work for this last week, but my future self will appreciate that I also play!

How about you, are you doing something today your future self might thank you for?

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6 thoughts on “December 16- A step closer

  1. Yes! Finding out more about my spouse’s personality type! And mine, of course. My future self would like very much to understand him better. So far, so good! Actually, it’s a bit of fun. Definitely not peas in a pod.

  2. 🙂 love it, and yes your future self will definitely thank you for taking time to enjoy this life now.
    Well today am going to enjoy the sun shine – most of the time am in doors or driving or working but not out in the garden, so today that’s what am going to do.

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