December 15- Change of Perspective

Dear December,

today I had a meeting with a mentor- he has been organizing successful events for several years, but has evolved a little bit in the margins of the art world that is very closed and codified. How do I know he is a mentor to be? He seemed sincere and not just telling me what I would like to hear.

Now, his main point was that I need to make a difference. Once we have been around a place for a while, we become taken for granted. People stereotype us in a certain way.

It is like a former hair-dresser. I wanted to have longer hair, and she was cutting them short. When I complained she said: ” I just can’t imagine you with longer hair”.

Now, I have long hair, and needless to say, I have lost contact with this lady and her salon for the last years.

Staying with the wannabe boss would have been criminal and I would have been responsible.

But how can we change in the eyes of those who are used to take us for part of the scenery? Let’s say for example, that I am known in the art world as a serious but kind of “amateur” organizer, with interesting ideas but not very high-flying.

How can I change this? How can I attract attention in a positive way?

I need something spectacular, but at the same time something other people can relate to. And something with perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “December 15- Change of Perspective

  1. Often it doesn’t need a lot to attract attention. Mostly it suffices if you simply do something different that you used to. For example you react differently as the other person knows it from you. If you are always saying yes, you simply say no. If you always go right, simply go left. A single difference in your habits irritates others and makes them discover you in a new way. If you also wear a different jacket, a hat, wear a ponytail or keep your hair open (also a little single thing) the senses of others are in alert.

  2. April,

    A wise entrepreneur once said, ‘Whatever business we are in, we are in the business of attraction.’

    So people interact with us because of what they feel about us and not so much of what skills and knowledge we have (though that counts, somehow).

    What I’m saying here is that April, you have asked the right question: ‘How can I attract attention in a positive way?’

    So here is my simple answer…

    If we are to attract the right attention, I believe we have to work to only improve ourselves. And we all know that the best way to do that is to do it from within.

    That’s, if we want more, we have to become more.

    If we want them to trust us, we have to trust first ourselves first (+ find ways to trust, genuinely, what they are doing, and let them know we do).

    If we want them to come trade with us, we have to find a foundation for us to first trade with them.

    But we must do that from within.

    Jim Rohn used to say, ‘For things to improve, we must improve’. And that, if we want more, we must become more.

    We can become more by being valuable to others. But we can’t do that if we aren’t doing it from within, from the centre of our values. We can’t do that if we are empty inside.

    If we have great ideas, they will see them, not from a distance but when we decide to first work for their benefit.

    Not so straight answer, but if we think about it, it helps.

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  4. Breaking out (not “bad”) is good.
    A further thought: Just be yourself. I know it sounds like a clichรฉ, but that’s really all there is to it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care

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