December 14- Love, the most important ingredient

Dear December,

As I am entering a busy week, professionally speaking, and felt stressed up despite my to-do lists and sub-lists. The situation after the last meeting with the wannabe boss has left me suspended without any concrete prospect.


But, all of a sudden, I had an epiphany: ok, April, all these things are important. (By the way, I have already filled several printable lists for Santa Claus).

But what is my number 1? The most important of all?

Love. Love is the no 1 ingredient for a celebration. THE thing to make us smile.

It would be great to have a family with young children, to celebrate with, but I can’t produce one in a few days. Maybe I can borrow someone else’s. And a boyfriend that matches with them. A handsome guy with children? Divorced? Not too broken-hearted. Should I keep him after the holidays?

Being in love, sharing time with people we love, be around children, imagination, creativity, offer presents!

With or without means, letting love flow in forms of deserts, invitations, gifts, … kisses… fairy tales…

All the rest seems so secondary…


9 thoughts on “December 14- Love, the most important ingredient

  1. “With or without means, letting love flow in forms of deserts, invitations, gifts, … kisses… fairy tales…” Right. When you send love, you will feel love… that’s all what love is about. Enjoy the days with what you have now and spread the seeds for more. Be curious what flowers will start to grow and what fruits you will harvest. But just know that you will harvest!

      • Blushed cheeks are sign of love…The most important ingredient. I get it! Sorry I’m just brewing my own coffee in my head just in a happy mood. Your post have to be Awesome!
        Love reading them! I’m so glad I know some wonderful bloggers here. Enjoy Playing with your ideas.

  2. I’ve spent many Christmas’ on my own and have learnt the best thing about it is I can be a big kid and no one else knows. Don those fluffy socks and dressing gown, wear tinsel in your hair and watch every kids film going and have a fabulous Christmas! 🙂

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