December 6- The final countdown before the year ends!

Dear December,

I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the goals and tasks and time lacking, but somehow, this should motivate me instead of stressing me. Before I leave everything up to Santa, I should try my best to be nice.

Now, no excuses, there are 24 days left, and miracles can happen in a second. But in case some effort is needed, there is still plenty of time.

The first thing would be to see what is the most important, and then, be ambitious, but realistic. But realistic doesn’t mean not believing in myself and going for something I don’t even like.

I have already tried this, and if there is no change, I don’t want to put myself through it

For example applying for a job that is not related to my passions because it seems a good compromise. And then of course I do it half heartedly and someone else gets it.

Or, forgetting why I ever joined the Platform- my passion for art- and spent my energy on imagining scenes with the wannabe boss getting what he deserves 🙂

So it is better to be honest with myself:

What do you really want April?

What do you think yourself capable for? If you want it badly, maybe you need to become good enough for your dream!

Eliminate secondary goals and pick up the most important!

Come on April, pull yourself together and think outside of the box!

Be Successful Step 1 Version 2.jpg



5 thoughts on “December 6- The final countdown before the year ends!

  1. What we wish for most, are the things we fear most not to get. That’s why our main energy is fear and the belief not to get it. That’s what we really believe inside and what we send out. So in order to get what we want we have to believe in the outcome without any doubt. We have to detach ourselves from the need to get it in order not to fear not getting it. Not easy, but once we understand that we get everything we are convinced of, we are able to shift our attitude. You will make your wildest dreams come true, but you mustn’t fear not get it. Don’t set yourself underpressure with time. The universe doesn’t know time nor does it care about it. Let things happen. As soon as you let go it will flow to you! ❤

    • Dear Erika thank you for this wise comment! You are so right! Every time I get stressed and fearful, I become paralyzed and nothing happens! When I believe in the outcome and myself, I might get some stress also, but this is more like excitement, but still I need everything I have 🙂

      • Exactly :D! Positive stress is a motivative pusher that keeps us passionate in motion towards our goals. I love your posts and the way you move forward! Your insights are very inspirational!

  2. That is a cute but true story for most people. Yes, find what you are most passionate about and go for it, no matter how far fetched it seems. Miracles happen everyday. Keep up the good work.
    With love, Wendy Richards

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