November 16- How to make your own luck and just in case, how to pray for a miracle

Dear November,

I am ready to go to bed after a rainy day in Paris, and dividing my time between my favorite cafés and meetings with certain artists I would like to work with.

As I finally returned home, I started browsing some web pages and came up to “How to make your own luck” and the advice given seemed quiet interesting:

a. Be assertive and proactive

b. Believe in a goal

c. Put deadlines on your goals

d. Expect great lucky ideas to occur to you, but do not worry, if you’re not inspired right now.

e. Raise your expectations

f. Work smarter, not harder

g. Seek new experiences

h. Be positive

i. Persist!

And in case this doesn’t work, there is always another possibility 🙂

How to pray to God for a miracle:

a. Visualize clearly what you want

b Take a moment to calm yourself and connect with God

c. Believe that you already received when you prayed

d. Let it go

f. Alternate Method for Quicker Results (just ask, and see what happens)

Make Your Own Luck Step 2.jpg


11 thoughts on “November 16- How to make your own luck and just in case, how to pray for a miracle

  1. Thanks for the good post.

    Most of the great books on personal development do talk about the same points when it comes to creating our own luck pathways.

    Being proactive, all about goals, deadlines, expectations and seeking new experiences, means a lot to me.


    • Thank you Josh for taking the time to react to the post! And again, I can only take credit for bringing two articles together, not for all the advice they give 🙂 All the best to you!

  2. If this idea intrigued you, the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne will surely be of interest to you.. There is also a movie on the same name.. It gives you much more insight on these.. 🙂

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