November 12- Friends talking on relationships again

Dear November,

don’t get me wrong, but I was a bit annoyed today after listening to a friend’s councils on my love life.

We went out for a drink and after some questions and answers I mentioned my most recent romantic adventures. And the two last times I have fallen in love. With B, the guy of the café with whom I was flirting in May, and K, the mysterious guy I met during my holidays at the South of France, this summer.

Especially for this one, I felt something very strong, it was as if we knew each other all our lives, and everything you are supposed to feel when you are in love. And what happened? Just a goodby kiss and I was left feeling up the rest with my imagination. Because he is in a relationship.

I know I have no reason to expect anything, but there are some feelings lingering.

My friend analyzed these situations and the result was that I get it wrong, either on the way I behave or because I appear too assertive and powerful women and scare men away.

My friend meant well, she also talking about herself as a powerful woman.

But this result and analysis didn’t feel right. It was as if I was thrust into a category, classified into a box, from where you don’t know how to escape.

I am sure I am afraid of relationships myself, and can have sabotaging behaviors, but I feel that with the time I am taking more risks.

And yes, I believe that we change and even if there are patterns in our way to connect, we are the authors of our lives and we can mould it into something different 🙂


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