November 10- Creating a coaching group :-)

Dear November,

after catching my breath and resting a bit this weekend, I thought about the next steps to take once my application has been submitted:

I need to tell people in our field who know me and ask for their support. Because it is a small artistic world and I have to “lobby” for my project. And find a balance between being in my world and out of touch, dreaming, and of this world and answering emails or communicating with other human beings.

The other thing, I decided it to create a “coaching” group, for mutual support. There are some of my friends who are at a similar moment in their lives, and getting together might help us being accountable for our objectives.

Oh, wait a second, you might object, if you have similar issues, for example, if neither of you has a stable relationship, what are you going to advice each other? Actually,  you might add, maybe it is having a similar lifestyle that allowed you to be friends in the first place.

But wouldn’t you need someone who has succeeded in the field you are interested in, in order to change? If you all have a similar issue, you might encourage each other to stay where you are, since change might mean to leave the club!

I think you have an important point there, so I need to make sure this doesn’t happen!


Do you remember I have a Psychology degree? Before I became an artistic event organizer, I have studied. Are all psychologists perfect? Even Freud couldn’t get rid of smoking. So I don’t need to be perfect to start my initiative. I already have two friends who would join the group. We will start a Sunday afternoon club.

How do we make sure we stay on the track of growth? By having an objective and keeping ourselves accountable. Loving ourselves doesn’t mean lying to ourselves. But it also means believing in ourselves and in each other.

Also by feeling that there is not only one way to succeed in something we want.

There are as many ways as people.


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