November 6b-Challenge day 4: Finish your project April!

Dear November 6,

I might be awake until November 7 comes around, finishing a version of my project; tomorrow I need to submit it, but there is also material I have to gather, so writing a text isn’t the whole thing. Am I awake enough after a glass of wine? Should I go for a fourth coffee?

Do I understand what I read? Write what I think?

Do I think at all?

The most important thing is to give that impression 😉

No, I am sure I do, it is just communicating it that seems complicated at times.

And for sometimes, the right words come up at the right moment and we almost listen to ourselves surprised as is it were someone else 🙂

I prefer this second option!


2 thoughts on “November 6b-Challenge day 4: Finish your project April!

  1. This kinda makes me remember the feeling of an early morning project deadline, at 2am you really can’t tell if it makes good sense or no sense.
    Just at the break of dawn it all comes pouring in and you wonder where was it hiding. Yes, definitely the 2nd option but you can’t always wait for it.

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