November welcome!

Dear November,

just for you, I have changed the background picture of the blog, with autumn leaves in Paris. It is because I am also born in November, so I feel somehow closely related to you 🙂

Just to celebrate your first day with us, I decided to stroll around the Paris streets and cafés, see friends and check on the different stores to see what is going on fashion-like. There were a lot of things I like, but have not let myself to be tempted because I want to check my closet and see what is missing before I let myself to fall into a shopaholic temptation.

I flirted for a while with a pair of gray gloves, but it was not strong enough to evolve into a relationship.

From my walk I discovered a new ephemeral store of the Courrèges fashion house, at the 17 Rue de Sèvres, that will stay open until April 1. A pink sweater enchanted me, but there was no picture online, you will have to imagine it 😉

Courrèges was founded in 1961 is known for graphic dresses, structured skirts, cocoon coats and PVC bags complete with zip and fringe details.

I have copied for you a photo of a Courrèges model from Eve’s blog, (who is a stylist, by the way):




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