October 18- Insights from J.K. Rowling

Hello October,

what did you say? Yes, I like Harry Potter. I have read some of the books and watched some of the films. I love fairy tales, and this one has a very good psychological background, it seems to me. So here is a quote from its author, to inspire our day:

“I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”.

J. K. Rowling

Now, the way I understand it, is, if we have something we love to defend, and an inspiring idea, this is all we need to act. Difficult circumstances become a sort of emergency: if I don’t move now, something very valuable to myself and others will be lost. This is the moment! Cease the day April!



October 18b- Love bitter and sweet

Dear October,

You make me face dilemmas and contradictions. I went for a drink with a guy I was in love with two years ago. He started giving me advice on my love life. Did I appreciate it? Yes and No.

Yes, a little bit, because I tried to check my reactions as if I were an observer. As if I were in your place, October, a month, passing by. And no, because the advice was presented in a bitter envelope. He told me that I don’t fight for what I want, and if I want someone, I don’t go all the way through.

Now, you might object, wait a second, why did you start talking about your love-life with him? Is he a close friend? Not exactly.

Even if we didn’t get along, I still like him for a number of reasons. For example, he has had experiences through which I can learn. But he is very judgemental of my ideas, projects and personality.

Today we run into each other, so, it seemed natural to have a drink and catch up.

He told me how well he is doing and about his summer holidays with his girlfriend. Maybe I got a bit jealous, or I needed to get even.

I told him I felt in love this summer.

He put himself in the place of a mentor and started giving me advice. I had it all wrong, according to him. Should I have run after my summer love to the end of the world? Am I too constrained by invisible bounds? That is, myself?

Maybe he’s wrong and right at the same time.

October 18- Plan without planning

Hello dear October,

I fell on this quote as I was looking for planning ideas and it seemed to answer my yesterday question: To Plan or not to Plan?

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us”.

Joseph Campbell

It seems to me there is a temporality for the artist, who needs to get in touch with inspiration, and another temporality for the artistic event organizer. If I am both, and there are more and more people with different dimensions- I need a balance between the two 🙂


October 16b- To plan or not to plan?

Hi again October,

if I asked you: “should I plan the following day in advance every night”, what would you say? If I do, I might get stressed up with the possible scenarios, and feel overwhelmed with the actions to take. And then have a hard time to sleep. If I don’t, I might try something that takes my mind away from these questions. And then, tomorrow, I might need more time to start my day and not be sure about my priorities.

It is sort of a dilemma 🙂

To begin with, why not think of relaxing scenarios, where I succeed to accomplish whatever goal I have, or where I deal in a very effective way with certain challenging individuals?

How about plan some fun time and meetings with friends? This could be a compromise. Since I dedicate the biggest part of my day in work, writing, or whatever activity I am passionate about, I need to plan my time out.

Meeting friends is not a last-minute thing, especially when they live at a certain distance. (Not to mention dating). Can you just call them and ask them to cross the city in order to meet you in half an hour?

They might have something else to do, be busy. And then time goes by, and we see them less and less. Is it possible to go to a play or to the cinema at the last-minute?

Ok, yes it is. Even in Paris. And I like to take the risk some times and run, feeling there are chances I might miss it.

But, is this the only form of excitement I need?

If I do this every time I want to go out, I limit my contacts.

Planing can seem boring, but if I don’t plan anything at all, I might find myself doing boring things 🙂


If plan A fails, there are 25 more letters.



October 16- Habits and change

Hello October,

Continuing on habits, I have started the day with a little dance, -thank you Kimberly for suggesting it in your comment. It feels good!

( http://kimberlyharding.wordpress.com/)

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi


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October 15b- An evening with the writer Amélie Nothomb

Dear October,

this afternoon I went to the “FNAC” in Paris, a store dedicated to culture: books, films, music, … and you find occasionaly artists who present their latest creation in person. Today, it was Amélie Nothomb, who came to talk around her 23rd novel: Pétronille.

The Belgian author, was impressive, dressed in black. I love her writing style, and it was the first time I saw her in person. Years ago, I watched a French film inspired by one of her novels, situated in Japan: “Fear and Trembling”. It concerned the experience of a young, European girl who takes an internship in a Japanese company. Her superiors give her a hard time, and she finds a way to react that corresponds to the Japanese culture: she decides to stay until the end of the contract, and even thank the people who tried to make her leave.

I am not going to reveal the plot of the latest novel, Pétronille, that I almost finished while I was waiting for the author to start, but I admit I enjoyed her speech as much as the written work: it is fresh, and it brings a point of view with it, that is very personal.

Had I more time, I would have stayed until the end, but I needed to see a friend and missed- this time- the opportunity to engage a conversation, because the author is welcoming interaction with those who read her books.

I will leave you with one of her quotes:

“God isn’t chocolate, he’s the encounter between chocolate and the palate capable of appreciating it.”

Thank you Amélie Nothomb!


October 15- Learned Optimism Test

Dear October,

part of my autumn resolutions is to motivate myself and get a new habit. While I was searching for inspiration, I came across this “Learned Optimism Test”, that is adapted from Dr. Martin Seligman’s book, “Learned Optimism”, published in 2006.

I took the test, it is on a Stanford University site and it is possible to get one’s score online. I got a moderate optimistic result, and might need to do better 🙂


What do you think?


October 14- Searching for inspiration

Hello October,

thank you for this beautiful sunshine in Paris today, we have benefited during the day from the café terraces, and at night it was still agreeable to be out for a drink 🙂

Now, how about this new habit question? Erika, a co-blogger (http://erikakind.wordpress.com/) has suggested something that makes me happy, and it seems like a great advice because it will be easier to adopt it.

I had some ideas last night, as I was finishing my post actually: I would like something that would give me more chances to interact with other people.

Something like dating? It is definitely interaction. And I have not been dating this month. At least not consciously.

Another idea, is a little dance every morning.

Translating my novel and try to publish it abroad?

This is not exactly a habit, it is a goal.

Give a seminar on a topic I like, for example, read fairy tales to people who might like them. Post something inspiring every morning -Paris time- apart from my evening post -Paris time again;

I might start with the reading seminar idea 🙂

It could be addressed to people in Paris, and why not, also suggest ideas for the blog-sphere?



October 13- My new habit ;-)

Dear October,

with a potential angry wannabe boss, my finances in not a very healthy period, and a lot of creative projects but not a direct way to make a living out of them, I thought this is THE moment for a new habit. A new, energizing, power-filling and clutter replacing habit.

Blogging is wonderful; but I need to keep my motivation high.

A friend suggested cleaning up the house, or getting rid of the unnecessary things that hide here and there.

There is a lot to do in this direction, definitely, but I don’t feel motivated enough;

Another friend suggested getting up early and doing a daily workout; this is great, I have done it before and commit to do it again, but it is not enough for me; I could walk every day for five minutes, at 7.00 in the morning. I could even walk across the street to the closest café and check out if they are already open.

A poem a day? A friend who is a musician, proposed.

Good idea, I would like to read it to someone though;

How about getting to know a new person every day?

It’s ok, but I would have to live with the consequences of that 🙂

And how about running for office?

This is fine also, but it can take too much time, given that I want to continue with my other activities;

Eh, something that I can do everyday, that could be motivating and would stop replace an unhealty habit;

Praying, meditating, looking from the window and appreciating the scenery, nature, …

I have tried this, it’s fine, something new?

Creating an organization with the purpose to help in a specific direction?

I also have decided to go to bed earlier. I will start from this and get an inspiration in my dream!


October 10- Love and repetitive patterns

How was your day October?

mine was ok, I had some meetings at the Platform, with people I like. Then I tried to email some artistic agents. My computer was as slow as my brain today.

Probably because I was still drilling on questions about love. Could it be right in front of me and I don’t see it? Why look for the Love from Afar and pretend that love which is near doesn’t exist? Yes, I have someone in mind.

Should I trust my intuition or not?

I read a very interesting article, saying that the people who attract us instantly, who make our heart beat faster, are those who remind us of a childhood trauma, that has not been healed yet. These people are able to hurt us in the same way, and we hope, unconsciously that the trauma will be healed this time.

But it rarely does.

It is similar to watching for the 10th time a film that make us cry, but it is somehow, our favorite.

And we reproduce the same pattern. So the advice was to decide on dating people for whom we might not have an instant crush, but a softer form of attraction, and give them a chance. Give ourselves a chance to go towards something else than the painful repetitive pattern…

Now, is this information guaranteed? What is my source? I don’t actually remember, I should have taken a note :-). But at the same time, it rings a bell. Especially when we find common characteristics to our partners or if we say: not again!

I might try it for a change…

Is there a pattern for other areas also? Hmm, we can judge from our results. What results? You might ask. Are good results to be rich, beautiful, healthy, with a gorgeous wonderful partner and family? Get a promotion?

Or it has also something to do with the way we feel about ourselves and others? Do we keep growing and developing our potential as human beings?

P.S. A case where a repetitive pattern gives something positive: tiles! (http://www.bicesse-tiles.com/RPXX200-Artistic-Hand-Painted-Repetitive-Pattern-Tile)

RPXX200 - Artistic Hand Painted Repetitive Pattern Tile