June 30- Transformation Journal Update

The first goal of this blog was to daily post for three months: April to June, which I did 🙂 Succeeding out of the blue the first step of a project selection gave me in July all I needed to participate to a major artistic event in Paris and organize a small beautiful artistic happening at the South of France. How about my finances? Eh… no they have not become better… And love? Well, I have fallen in love, and also lived a short relationship, so there was some action. Still, these experiences felt like rehearsals in a way 🙂

april4june6: A journal of self-tranformation

Hello dear June and farewell,

I have promised to write for three months, April to June. Here is my starting point, at the beginning of April:

After having been insulted by a wannabe boss, I decided to change myself in order to get a real job and true love.

 April to June.

 In Paris where I actually live the last years”

A post a day. I succeeded to fulfill the promise to myself, even if, sometimes, I was one or two days late in finishing my posts.

Blogging, has been in itself a fulfilling experience. I shared feelings and instants of my everyday life. I took some distance from them and from myself.

Is there a result after three months soul-searching?

Yes. There is a tangible result, a miracle, I wrote about on June 27: I passed the first step of a selection for the funding of my project…

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