October 23b- The café accross the street- or how to break free from the past

Dear October,

the café across the street is an extension of my home. It is not as if they decided it exactly, they were invaded and had to live with the consequences :-). Yesterday I asked them to keep the keys of my home and pass it to a friend who would come to visit. Tonight I camped there with another friend while waiting for my  laundry to finish.

I asked them to keep our table with the drinks while we went out on an errand.

So,  it turns out that when I feel at home, I will do what I am accustomed to. It could be something nice, like meeting friends, or less nice, as for example, eating something that is not good for me.

Is it the same thing with relationships? Do we have a habit as to the way we react and apply it in our next meeting?

Are we ready to really meet someone new, or is it that we are concentrated in our own childhood or other traumas, and just use new acquaintances to replay well-known scenes?

How do we break free from the past and embrace the new without preconceptions and judgments?

Do you have an answer October?

Well, maybe it helps to understand what is our own story, and how to write a new one.





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