October 14- Searching for inspiration

Hello October,

thank you for this beautiful sunshine in Paris today, we have benefited during the day from the café terraces, and at night it was still agreeable to be out for a drink 🙂

Now, how about this new habit question? Erika, a co-blogger (http://erikakind.wordpress.com/) has suggested something that makes me happy, and it seems like a great advice because it will be easier to adopt it.

I had some ideas last night, as I was finishing my post actually: I would like something that would give me more chances to interact with other people.

Something like dating? It is definitely interaction. And I have not been dating this month. At least not consciously.

Another idea, is a little dance every morning.

Translating my novel and try to publish it abroad?

This is not exactly a habit, it is a goal.

Give a seminar on a topic I like, for example, read fairy tales to people who might like them. Post something inspiring every morning -Paris time- apart from my evening post -Paris time again;

I might start with the reading seminar idea 🙂

It could be addressed to people in Paris, and why not, also suggest ideas for the blog-sphere?