October 13- My new habit ;-)

Dear October,

with a potential angry wannabe boss, my finances in not a very healthy period, and a lot of creative projects but not a direct way to make a living out of them, I thought this is THE moment for a new habit. A new, energizing, power-filling and clutter replacing habit.

Blogging is wonderful; but I need to keep my motivation high.

A friend suggested cleaning up the house, or getting rid of the unnecessary things that hide here and there.

There is a lot to do in this direction, definitely, but I don’t feel motivated enough;

Another friend suggested getting up early and doing a daily workout; this is great, I have done it before and commit to do it again, but it is not enough for me; I could walk every day for five minutes, at 7.00 in the morning. I could even walk across the street to the closest café and check out if they are already open.

A poem a day? A friend who is a musician, proposed.

Good idea, I would like to read it to someone though;

How about getting to know a new person every day?

It’s ok, but I would have to live with the consequences of that 🙂

And how about running for office?

This is fine also, but it can take too much time, given that I want to continue with my other activities;

Eh, something that I can do everyday, that could be motivating and would stop replace an unhealty habit;

Praying, meditating, looking from the window and appreciating the scenery, nature, …

I have tried this, it’s fine, something new?

Creating an organization with the purpose to help in a specific direction?

I also have decided to go to bed earlier. I will start from this and get an inspiration in my dream!



10 thoughts on “October 13- My new habit ;-)

  1. Simpyl do something every day that makes you happy…. and if it is only a nice cup of coffe you enjoy just by yourself, or if it’s 5 minutes of doing nothing, or meeting a new person, even cleaning the house. Do at least one thing every that makes you happy no matter what it is. Then you have something motivating for every day and it never gets boring!

  2. Thank you so much for taking notice of the blog and nominating me! Congratulations for your nomination also, your blog is Lovely! I will answer the questions but I might need to wait for the week end to nominate new blogs!

  3. I like that you’re focusing on habits. I’m a huge fan of them. In my experience, I created a bunch of new habits. What stuck in the first month, surprisingly, was what I consider my spiritual habits: prayer, breathing, silence and visualization. While I continue to do them, your post is a reminder to me to hit them up with more conviction. My energies have been waning. Looking forward to reading about the paths you choose. 🙂

      • That’s fabulous! I would LOVE to do that. I remember doing that when I was living with a friend and her kids a few years ago. She’d turn the “reguetton” music on and we’d go crazy. It was like a joy pill. Thanks for opening my mind to that possibility!

      • You’re welcome! It is also what Kimberly Harding, a co-blogger has suggested in her comment on October 14; I had already tried a workout, but a little dance is much fun! Have a great day!

  4. While it may not be in the realm of habit – try not to stress over the things you can’t control. You have some good ideas in your post. I do write at least a small something everyday… Guess that’s more than a habit now after a few years. It does take a while to get into a new habit. Kind of like resolutions. I think the only resolution I really keep is to try and be more positive. Keeping resolutions and starting new habits – laugh if you will… I just don’t have the time. 🙂

    I did however want to share with you this piece that isn’t on my other site but a few folks have enjoyed:

    Sometimes when we can it is nice to remember to …glide.
    I saw the great blue heron that I thought had left for the season glide over my back yard the other day… and even if just for a moment… I was soaring. Cheers ~Jules

  5. 90% of our behaviour is habit so there is plenty of scope for change! We’re either giving to or taking from ourselves in what we do. Going to bed is a good one to start with, not sure if we ever over-do that one ? 🙂

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