October 10- Love and repetitive patterns

How was your day October?

mine was ok, I had some meetings at the Platform, with people I like. Then I tried to email some artistic agents. My computer was as slow as my brain today.

Probably because I was still drilling on questions about love. Could it be right in front of me and I don’t see it? Why look for the Love from Afar and pretend that love which is near doesn’t exist? Yes, I have someone in mind.

Should I trust my intuition or not?

I read a very interesting article, saying that the people who attract us instantly, who make our heart beat faster, are those who remind us of a childhood trauma, that has not been healed yet. These people are able to hurt us in the same way, and we hope, unconsciously that the trauma will be healed this time.

But it rarely does.

It is similar to watching for the 10th time a film that make us cry, but it is somehow, our favorite.

And we reproduce the same pattern. So the advice was to decide on dating people for whom we might not have an instant crush, but a softer form of attraction, and give them a chance. Give ourselves a chance to go towards something else than the painful repetitive pattern…

Now, is this information guaranteed? What is my source? I don’t actually remember, I should have taken a note :-). But at the same time, it rings a bell. Especially when we find common characteristics to our partners or if we say: not again!

I might try it for a change…

Is there a pattern for other areas also? Hmm, we can judge from our results. What results? You might ask. Are good results to be rich, beautiful, healthy, with a gorgeous wonderful partner and family? Get a promotion?

Or it has also something to do with the way we feel about ourselves and others? Do we keep growing and developing our potential as human beings?

P.S. A case where a repetitive pattern gives something positive: tiles! (http://www.bicesse-tiles.com/RPXX200-Artistic-Hand-Painted-Repetitive-Pattern-Tile)

RPXX200 - Artistic Hand Painted Repetitive Pattern Tile