October 8- Focusing on our goal

Dear October,

after an extremely busy day yesterday, I fell asleep with my contact lenses and clothes on; so I thought this is a sign to take it easy today, and enjoy my home and neighborhood.

Energy cannot be lost, so if we feel without it at some point, there must be a way to get it back. There are different ways to achieve it, varying from rest, being with loved ones, singing, praying, …

How about spending less energy in social interactions? Contact with other people should be a source of energy. Actually we depend on others for practically everything nowadays: our food (supermarket), affection, health, … and we contribute in this or the other way in other people’s existence. As parents, friends, children, …

Then how come we also allow others to drain our energy? It is one thing to give, because a good rest will restore it. But energy is drained when you overspent it in a stressful situation.

How do we get into positive and nourishing situations and avoid the rest?

One solution that comes to my mind is not to mind loosing face or not. This can save a lot of energy.

Another could be to work on our self-confidence as a form of shield, that doesn’t allow anything negative in. But we need to be careful not to exclude other people and their perspectives.

Another is to have in mind what is our objective. For example, today I want to write two pages on this or that.

I will simply not listen to the neighbor complaining about X or my boss about Y. I will create my music for those who want to listen.

If  I use others for self-assurance, there will always something to destabilize me.

Someone among the people I interact with who is not satisfied with my looks, clothes, accent, behavior, etc.

After all, it just doesn’t matter how good I am.

I need to focus on my story.

This is my contribution.

(picture from http://www.margieulbrickcounselling.com/services/focusing/)

Melbourne Counsellor for Focusing



9 thoughts on “October 8- Focusing on our goal

      • Wow!! You will reveal your name with the release of your Novel. That sounds so interesting. God bless your dreams & please don’t forget me once you are more famous. Till then I’ll call you April.
        Best wishes & a very happy weekend.

  1. HI April.

    Nice post. It takes a lot of practice to tune out information and people that you don’t need and don’t nourish you. But if we can reach that stage, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

    I like the line “I will simply not listen to the neighbor complaining about X or my boss about Y. I will create my music for those who want to listen.”

  2. Your meandering thoughts are all too familiar! And I needed to hear someone else doing this for a change (instead of my own internal voices). I love and affirm your end-point, the part about having a writing goal and knowing it is Your Contribution. The embodiment of your dream. What you’re here to do. Thanks!!!

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