October 6- Dedication

Dear October

do I keep my promises? Now, should I be honest about this? Ok. Sometimes yes and sometimes no, if we look at things from a limited time perspective. But yes, I keep them in the long run.

How about writing every day?

I am almost there, because I have a better rhythm compared to August, or even September. But I need to see it as pleasure in order to continue.

Wait a second, you might add, is there a reason for writing every day? Something particular to say?

It is to keep track of my thoughts; And share them also 🙂

How about the reason you started the blog? Self transformation and true love? 

You mean if I have made any progress? Yes, definitely, I have done some internal work: I understand true love starts with better quality love for myself and others, and self-transformation is constant.

Why are you not completely persuaded? If I have something more concrete?

Like what, like something I can touch or kiss or eat? Yes, I have positive transitory results; it is like trying the soup while it is boiling and being satisfied, but leave it there for a while, adding may be some salt or pepper, until it’s ready.


Dedication, responsibility, education, attitude, motivation - DREAM acronym explained on blackboard Stock Photo - 16309136