October 2- Motivation to act

Hello October,

If I have goals and aspirations, how do I know I have the necessary Energy to accomplish them?

Energy comes from alimentation, the sun, … and it gives us the possibility to act.

But then a person eating a lot should have more energy to use than someone eating less quantities.

And this is not what happens in reality.

There is something that puts this energy into use. When we put fuel to a car it is necessary, but not enough to rule.

Something should happen, that will transform this fuel into action.

A form of ignition.

What is happening in the case of a human being?

Could motivation be a form of ignition?

This little something that will use the energy we dispose to act?

Taking care of our body, exercise, eat healthy, could be a way to access some good quality fuel that will not damage our system.

But Motivation? How do we keep it at a high level?

Could it be through our thoughts and emotions, our relationships, imagination, and … goal setting?

And then, how do we keep our motivation in good shape?