September 23- Autumn goal setting

Hello dear September,

I feel this is the perfect moment for an Autumn goal setting. How about a post a day for the next three months? Do I feel up to the challenge?

I think I will take it. My Autumn resolution.

The first decision I took today that made me feel proud of myself is that I went to the Platform. I have been avoiding it for the last two weeks I returned to Paris, for fear of running into the wannabe boss.

The Platform, in case you don’t know, is the loose network of artistic event organizers I am a part of. I am a star in this big constellation, but I have to find my own light and resources. The Platform is hosting me as a free lance organizer. The wannabe boss is the number 2 of the Platform. He hates my guts because I stood up to him in the past and  tries to push me out.

I was not sure I could face him the last two weeks, and having a cold -sneezing and feeling week- was not very helpful.

But as soon as I went there, I was happily surprised: a. he was not there and b. I found in my office a gift from an artist with whom I had worked last summer. It made my day!

Facing one’s fear could be facing the shadow of a big monster and realizing it was only a small child playing.

We need to go there and check for ourselves. I know now September, I am bigger than my fears.

And a post a day it will be for Autumn!




7 thoughts on “September 23- Autumn goal setting

  1. You are experiencing what so many people do. The big difference and the big gift is, that you are writing about it, to make others see that they are not alone. I totally hear what you are writing about. I felt like an alien until I was able to break out and talk about it in order to see that I never was the only one with those fears and doubts. You are a great encourager for everybody that is right at the edge of the comfort zone consicering if doing the big step! In my book I write: When you look fear in the eyes it will disappear and you realize that it never existed. It was only imagination!

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