September 23- Autumn goal setting

Hello dear September,

I feel this is the perfect moment for an Autumn goal setting. How about a post a day for the next three months? Do I feel up to the challenge?

I think I will take it. My Autumn resolution.

The first decision I took today that made me feel proud of myself is that I went to the Platform. I have been avoiding it for the last two weeks I returned to Paris, for fear of running into the wannabe boss.

The Platform, in case you don’t know, is the loose network of artistic event organizers I am a part of. I am a star in this big constellation, but I have to find my own light and resources. The Platform is hosting me as a free lance organizer. The wannabe boss is the number 2 of the Platform. He hates my guts because I stood up to him in the past and  tries to push me out.

I was not sure I could face him the last two weeks, and having a cold -sneezing and feeling week- was not very helpful.

But as soon as I went there, I was happily surprised: a. he was not there and b. I found in my office a gift from an artist with whom I had worked last summer. It made my day!

Facing one’s fear could be facing the shadow of a big monster and realizing it was only a small child playing.

We need to go there and check for ourselves. I know now September, I am bigger than my fears.

And a post a day it will be for Autumn!