September 11- True love: loving oneself :-)

September dear,

What is true love to you? After all, the quality of our love for others is similar to that we offer to ourself…

Is it making oneself happy? How is this possible?

Is loving oneself fulfilling our desires?

Let’s say, I like chocolate, how much can I have? Even the finest chocolate becomes too much after a certain point… my favorite song, how many times can I listen to it? My favorite book, poetry?

Is loving oneself being better than, someone else, more powerful more beautiful stronger than?

Is it offering love and helping?

Is it pushing oneself to get better? Better than what?

Is it learning?

Is true love believing in oneself?

Is it developing oneself in relation to others and the world, expanding and learning what makes us grow: emotionally, spiritually, physically…

Listening to ourselves, and stretching towards unity?

Becoming part of a community that could include the whole world?

All of this and even more?