September 6- In Paris!

Welcome September,

Would you like me to introduce myself? I call myself April, since I started this blog four months ago, with the objective to transform some aspects of my life; so that I find true love and make a living out of my passion for writing! In the first four months I have fallen in and out of love and in love again, I have succeeded in passing the first stage of a funding competition and organized an artistic event at the South of France! I have applied for the second stage and now wait for the results.

But waiting is not the only thing to do!

I just returned to Paris, after more than a month spent at the South of France! Well, mostly in my hometown, a small town at the mainland. But I also had and some beautiful days by the seaside 🙂

How is it to get back home? I will be honest, I am happy to find my whereabouts, favorite cafés, neighbors, etc. If only I had someone to clean up, organise my closets and put some order into my stuff and mind, my comeback could have reached a stage of perfection.

When it comes to goals, I need a holiday from my holiday! Hometown visits are not always relaxing, but a different form of challenge could also be a vacation 🙂

Right now I am sitting in my Sunday favorite place, trying to set new goals for the next three months to come!

Autumn here I come!