August 28- Can we make others happy?

Dear August,

what would you answer to this question? I will tell you why I ask: some members of my hometown family are going through health issues and other challenges, I wonder if I can really be of help.

Are parents responsible for their children, children for their parents when they grow old, spouses or partners for their loved one and friends for each other?

Maybe when children are very young, or when people need daily care, we can contribute to their wellbeing. But “make them” happy?

Had I the power, I would bestow on everyone -including myself- good health, high spirits, wealth, and I would grant them their wishes. Would that be enough to make us radiate?

And then there is still another question: how do we help without becoming overwhelmed and loosing our own sense of direction?

We are responsible for our own happiness, but at the same time, the happiness of those we love is important for our’s also.

I have been reading Jeorge Bucay, the Argentinian psychotherapist on the path to happiness. He mentions that happiness, however we define it, has to do with the fact that we take responsibility of our own life.

“I can’t, even though that hurts me,

I can’t make you happy”!

Let Me Tell You a Story: A New Approach to Healing through the Art of Storytelling

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