August 16- Hometown Challenge and Success

Dear August,

this is a self-transformation journal and being in my hometown is a challenge in this respect: is there any positive change in my life since… adolescence?

There is but… not enough material changes. For example, I come back by myself, without any husband, official boyfriend nor children. I haven’t returned home richer.

How about wiser? More succesful? Difficult to say ๐Ÿ™‚

Hotter? definitely yes ๐Ÿ˜‰ A hometown visit in the heat of the summer, spending time with family, isย  perfect for existential questions.

And yet, despite the fact that it is not very agreeable, it is still very useful! To begin with, in order to change my reference points. What if I have chosen different ways to measure time and change than some of the neighbours?

Anyway, even at a small place, not everybody has the same values; and the difference I see in me is that I have created something, my novel, even though it has not been published yet.

I have found things I love that keep me passionate about life and creation.

Now, come on April, you might say, don’t pretend you are so above material success … we are flesh and blood also, we have a body, among other things… if everything were so perfect why do you bother us with your blog posts on transformation? Do you or don’t you want to change?

Yes and No. There are a lot of things I like about me and my way of being and others I need to update.

And in what direction, if I may ask?ย  You could say.

This is something to answer in my future posts ๐Ÿ™‚ challenge accepted

8 thoughts on “August 16- Hometown Challenge and Success

  1. I think it is great when you do things just for yourself. Only because you start writing doesn’t mean at all that you are obliged to publish it. I started writing my book only because I told myself: I don’t ever know if this book will ever be published, but it doesn’t matter. At least it will learn a lot about myself. Whatever shall happen will happen, but step by step.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting, liking and supporting my blog, I am loving your posts. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m recognising we have to do what makes us happy, not in a selfish manner, but in a manner where the things we do that makes us happy will contagiously, yet positively spread to others to also do what makes them happy and positively impacts the world. With regards to publishing your book, do it firstly and Only because you wish to do so. Erikakind said it well, do not feel obliged to do something you don’t want to. Your writing is so beautiful, inspiring to say the least. Lol. I love to be inspired by people, and just as I am inspired, I also love to inspire others however I can. When the time in your heart comes to publish, if you so desire, don’t be tough on yourself, we are our greatest critics, because there are times when we think we’re not good enough, just at the point in time when our story is the lifeline to another individual. Keep writing, it’s motivating, it’s wonderful.

  3. I continue to love the journey you are on… the self-realization, the magical growth and unfolding of life as it reveals itself to you. I love your eye – your manner of seeing the world around you as it really is. Keep up the search for beauty. Love, Hayati.

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