August 11- First mission accomplished: funding demand

Dear August,

you’d rather have me talk about holidays, seaside, fun, wouldn’t you? It’s ok, you can say it! I understand! I admit I would rather be at the beach myself.

But I had a mission to accomplish: submit my funding demand by August 5. I have succeeded the first step of the evaluation by the end of june, and here I am, submitting my project again, for the second round. I did it! It was a hot day, but I defeated all the temptations that were coming my way, gathered all the necessary elements and send them!

Now of course, I need to wait for the results! But it is already important to be part of the game!

On the following days there were complementary actions I needed to take, some, quiet necessary. The most important thing: I finished everything related to the project by August 10.

If I do the update of the last one month and a half, there is another major event that took place: the artistic event at the tiny village of the South of France. And it went well.

Oh, and there is still another thing: I have fallen in love again 😉

Or so I think.

Mission Accomplished Reward Stamp - stock vector

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