July 10- what it takes to be successful?

Dear July,

instead of writing at 1.10 in the morning, I should have been in bed! Tomorrow I start my working day quiet early at the Big art exhibition. What is the reason I ended up late? We went out for dinner and then dancing with some of the artists and the organizing team.

It was quiet nice, although I didn’t know well most of them and at the beginning I felt a bit awkward. What should I talk about? Other than the exhibition?

After the experience of the first day I knew better and brought with me a second pair of shoes. I also got myself some fruit and lunch from my bakery. It was as if I was leaving for an excursion and I needed to cover different options. Weather changing, feeling hungry, being chic and comfortable, dressed appropriately for the exhibition and for the dinner party.

I also needed to be prepared for complaints and ways to deal with them. A co-organizer was annoyed because I got to accompany an artist he had invited. An elderly person didn’t like the installation and found it tiring and chaotic. It is a little bit of both, but still, very succesful in my opinion.

After all, as the taxi driver who finally took me home explained to me, success depends on our genetic code and our attitude. If you have been blessed with a good genetic code, you have what it takes to face challenging situations. If you have a positive attitude, you also have an advantage. The interaction of these two, make of you a superhero.

With just one of the two, we are already heroes 🙂


Be a Successful Business Woman Step 01.jpg


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