July 2- In the mood for summer

Hello July,

I was supposed to try to improve every day, but I feel like being a rebel today! I have a lot of things to do, applications for funding, artistic project, writing etc, but the main objective of the month will be: to have fun!

What is to have fun? Play, enjoy the moment, eat nice things, love, just to give a few ideas.

Now, is this serious? I don’t know! Being serious all the time is not very efficient, I think.

In order to finish the day “en beauté”, I went for a drink with a good friend, one I haven’t seen for a several months. We had to catch up. Her idea was that people become more and more strange. With insecurities, imbalances, issues. Could it be that Parisians -and I include different cultures and nationalities here- become more imbalanced with time? Or is it related to growing up and being more attentive? Or is it us who become stranger and the kind of people we meet? We were of course, discussing relationships.

With people afraid of commitment, not knowing which way they want to go, ambivalent, to have or not to have children, to be in a sex friendship or a relationship, to this or to that person…

Although this friend is younger than me, I consider her more mature in relationship terms, so I was hoping to get a piece of her mind, on the different questions I have been asking myself about my love life.

I don’t know if I see things more clearly. In the end, I felt saturated with all these analysis. Analyzing and generalizing gives us a feeling of control over our world and experiences. But it is a little bit illusionary.

Oh, it doesn’t matter, as long as we realize it.

The weather was beautiful, we were siting at a terrace. Passers-by were dressing up more lightly, they were wearing a holiday mood, it is Paris in the summer, let’s enjoy it!

After all, talking in a terrace is a form of sociability. A kind of ritual.

It is not what we say that is important.

It is the fact that we meet and talk. And participate to the summer party of the city!


File:Terrasse du café, Paris July 30, 2010.jpg

5 thoughts on “July 2- In the mood for summer

  1. I enjoy your writing style and the points you raise in this post. I agree with your last statements, At the end of the day, the beauty and wonderful thing about summer is enjoying our friends’ company wherever we are. I can’t wait to read more from you and your transformation.

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