June 12- amazones, sweet women, goddesses

Hello June,

at the end of the day I found myself in a nice summer bar by the river, with a Platform colleague. Earlier I went to see the people who had reserved the stage for the canceled theatrical performance. They were not as hostile as I was thinking, taking into consideration that I prevented them in the last minute. It seemed that it was something that had happened before. This was a great relief for me.

But it was not the topic I discussed with this co-organizer as we ordered a glass of rosé. It was my approach on B, my favorite guy these days. According to this collegue, I needed to be more feminine and sweet. She told me I have something of an amazone that could scare this guy. That even when I smile, it is as if I were ready for war.

Well, I have always liked the amazones, Diana and many other women deities who seemed to be active. But I wouldn’t like to scare away the men I am interested in. Would I give B the impression of being someone who is menacing? I should show B according to my colleague, how sweet I can be. Let him be the man.

I wanted to ask some male friends, especially some older ones with a lot of experience on women, what is their impression. But the ones I had in mind were not in Paris.

What if I am a dynamic woman? Who is sexy, but also active? And who, at the same time is sweet and a little bit afraid of relationships? Mmm I don’t know.

I have to admit that my friend’s analysis left me very perplexed. The way we act has to do with what we think, feel, afraid, are used to do, …

After all, is the sweet woman, so much different than the amazone and the goddess?

What if they were just dimensions of one and the same feminine condition?



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