June 10- Sleepless in Paris

Dear June,

after having visited different museums and expositions, after having slept four hours because of the heat and a mosquito, I went to the Platform. It was time to face the reality of my projects and events to be.

My friend T left early in the morning, as I told one of my friends, with whom we had coffee. I usually avoid the big Museums on weekends because they are crowded. This time I did something different. I also reflected on love and relationships.

T offered to the discussion his model of non-relationship. A sex-friendship? This was his way to function. For now. For the last year or two and maybe the next. Not until “death do us part”, but until each of the quasi-partners finds a “real” relationship. With feelings? With commitments? With children? With fights?

My friend gave me an example of a love affair where she was “dating” someone she liked for almost a year in a quasi-friendly relationship. But in their case, they had feelings they didn’t dare to reveal. They were walking around, going to the cinema together, but it took them a while to admit what they meant to each other; They even dated someone else in between. But there was always magic between them. They finally reached each-other.

There are also people who start from a sexual relationship and feelings develop after. But stay in a situation for more than a year where you admit there are no feelings? Maybe it is also called marriage sometimes. Is it possible to have intense feelings for a long period? And what if there is?

I don’t know. I am in love with B, so I am in a different mood. Feelings are sooo important to me, it is as if I were flying up in the sky. Even if I have some bruises when things don’t go exactly the way I expected.

A life without feelings is like a tasteless dish. A plastic flower. Something useful but without any form of beauty in it.

I was sleepless in Paris, but full of emotions.




2 thoughts on “June 10- Sleepless in Paris

  1. “A life without feelings is like a tasteless dish. A plastic flower. Something useful but without any form of beauty in it.” Would you be so kind to use it in as a comment to my post “JF’s Challenge: Bloggers’ Thoughts” with a link to this post?
    Let’s your life be full of very positive feelings!

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