June 9- The clock: time, space and relationships

Dear June,

the tempest came at night for the second time, after a day that was hot but also rainy and sunny.

I decided to take it easier and accompany my friends only to the Beaubourg Museum.

Just before entering, we had coffee with T, the friend I am hosting until tomorrow. We talked about life and relationsips. He told me he is alone after breaking up with a woman who wanted to have a family. He didn’t want children. For the last year he was having sex “occasionaly” with a colleague of his who lives in the States. It’s not a relationsip, he specified, he didn’t believe in long-distance relationships. It was more of a way to fill the void until another relationship came up.

I wondered if a non-relationship time is a void. And if you fill it in this way.

What I know for sure is that I wouldn’t make this choice for myself. If I am with someone, it is because I like this person and we create something together. He can be close or far. Feelings, in my case, is what it is all about.

After that we entered the Beaubourg, one of my favorite museums in Paris, and went to see part of “The Clock”. The 24 hour film that was distinguished at the Venice festival of 2011, by Christian Marclay. Extracts of films from different times and cultures, that show watches, time going by. We entered at 14.00, it was 14.00 screen-time also. After an hour and a half, I went out.

My friend T stayed in for hours. Maybe to fill in the time while waiting for something to happen.

I left after an hour and a half. It was impressive, but it was time to act in my own temporality. It is time to create my every-day contemporary art, simply by living 24 hours around the clock.

With people who mean a lot to me. Close and far.

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