June 7- the surprise visit

Hello dear summer June,

Saturday morning, I found another surprise opening my email box : T, a friend from Geneva was going to be for his work in Paris on Thursday, and was asking me if he could stay in my place. He was travelling with a colleague who would stay with his family. Had I opened this email address a few days ago, I would have seen it.

They were to arrive on Sunday; what was I to do? I like T, we have known each other for the last few years, and we had been living in the same student’s residence, la Cité Universitaire, in Paris, for a while. He then found a job in Switzerland, and has been working there ever since. He is an intelligent man. There was a flirtatious attitude on his side back at the time we were both students. He wasn’t my type of man back then.

What does that mean? I have no idea. I liked him as a person, but was not attracted to him.

But after all: why not have a friend around for the long weekend, and visit the city with the fresh look of a tourist?

I decided to email back: yes!

It would be a good excuse to clean up the house and put some order on my manuscripts and different projects that have invaded my small apartment.

So I was running around, also looking for a summer dress to wear.

The temperature rose suddenly in the city, and it really felt like summer!

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