June 4 – Love stories

Dear June,

I was to start with a renewed energy for work, and indeed, I did some important things, but let’s admit that I was kind of slow. Maybe I needed it.

I went to the Platform, the network of artists and producers I am connected to, where I met several semi-collegues. During the coffee break, I had some exchanges on a different topic: love. What makes a love story great?

Duration? Intensity of feeling? Passion? Dedication? Sexe? Intimacy? Sharing? All of them? Something impossible to grasp?

The first story was that a friend shared, was about a love story of the airplane; not a “one night stand”, but a “one trip love”. A person is sitting next to you. He doesn’t even have the looks you like. And then, in the economy class where you are really close to others, you fall asleep. And you lean on this person. And he doesn’t take his arm away. Somehow it feels reassuring. And then you open your eyes; and close them again, keep leaning, and the arm is still there until you arrive in your destination.

This, for my friend, is the definition of a perfect love story. She didn’t even try to exchange contact information with the stranger. A reassuring presence with a physical aspect. She probably didn’t want to admit to herself and to him how much this meant to her. Show her vulnerability.

I have a between fantasy and reality romance. And I decided I want to be brave and show my vulnerability and feelings, gradually. It is a risk. Not to be rejected, this sometimes is even a relief. Not to be hurt. I have been hurt. Or to loose the fantastic “in love” feeling, where I fly on the top of the buildings as if I have taken some form of drug. There is the risk of being loved back and a risk of changing my life!

The risk of falling into the kind of person that makes me feel great! What happens then? I would need to ask people in loving and enduring relationships to explain.

I have heard cases of falling out of love stories, but the question is:

What is the ingredient that maintains the in-love feeling ? That creates the best love-story?

Could it be compared to something nourishing a flame so that it keeps burning?

Would you have any suggestions?


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8 thoughts on “June 4 – Love stories

  1. There are many kinds of love, the greatest of them all is the love of your self, i like to think of that as the parachute, there is the love of another person, i like to think of that as your wings, and there is the love of god, and i think of that as the wind. if you take all of them into consideration it is always safe to jump because there is always enough love there to keep you from coming crashing to the ground.

    let go of fear because fear gets in the way of faith and it’s that faith that keeps you aloft. from a logical perspective you should always be sure to look before you leap. make sure that they define love the same as you do problems come in when they do not. also make sure that the person you give your love to is ready willing and able to receive it. sure if the gift is mistreated or neglected that feels horrible i look at it like this. You would not give a bicycle to a person with no arms and legs would you? of course not. So be sure to consider the condition and situation, Their readiness, willingness, and ability of the person to make use of the gift of your love has to be respected for a successful transaction. If and only if, they are ready willing and able i have no doubt that the gift will be returned.

    But in no way should that suggest that getting it back should ever be your first concern also often we love others more than or different than they love us. and because that doesn’t feel so good we want to hold back that gift of our love and when conditions are not right or circumstances change we must except the situation as it is.

    When we give our love to others we must remember that we have a strong wind and a good reliable parachute so your still ok even if your wings should fail.

    and most important to remember true love, the best love, is given with little concern for what you may get back. because it is a gift, giving love in any other way is an error. getting it back will be a natural byproduct of their mutual definition of it, appreciation, readiness, willingness, and ability of receiving it.

    Wishing you good luck and good love.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback and your advice! I read it with a lot of attention and will try to benefit from it. You are so right about love being selfish but at the same time a valuable gift. The idea of balance between the different kinds of love and your metaphor of flying is great ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There really is no recipe for maintaining love, that’s why when it comes it literally sweeps you off your feet. Its like a selfish wind fairy staying on a whim and not because someone tries to please it always.

  4. It’s cliched but, they do say ‘love makes the world go around’ and I firmly believe; the more you give, the more you receive.
    Thank you for stopping by, and travel safe on your life’s path ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love is defined in so many different ways by each individual. There is romantic love. There is true love. But what does it all mean?

    Love is a combination of things and what makes a good love story is to be able to express this combination. It includes romantic love but it is not focused on romantic love. It is accepting another person’s flaws and not condemning them, even behind their back. Love is loyalty. Love is honesty and truth. If a person can’t be completely honest with the one they claim to love, then it isn’t love. It is only a portion of love.

    Love is dedication and growth. The strength to carry on even amid the harshest of time. Love doesn’t question itself. If a person has dedicated their love to a person, they don’t question that love 10 years later, (unless there is abuse).

    These are just a few part of love within the combination of love. Love makes up our entire lives. Even when a person doesn’t have another person in their life to love, they have the whole world to love. Love attracts love. Love needs love. Within love we find who we truly are and what we are truly capable of doing.

    A good love story would be that which is able to express the entirety of love. The fantasy of love, such as in romance and erotic novels, are there to fill a void in a person. Romantic love can be viewed as a drug. Many people escape into romantic love only to be disappointed later when their fantasies can never be truly fulfilled. Love has no expectations.

    I have written a few love stories and, even though I have no moral qualms with erotica, the romantic scenes within my stories are insinuated rather than described in detail. I like to write about the love and not stimulate the primal aspects of sexual desire. This takes away from the point of the story, which is about love.

    Love is a complex thing. Whatever you believe love to be, then that will be the story you will write.

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