May 27-Love as a source of motivation

Dear May,

after a first part of the day where I did almost everything in my power for one of my artistic event projects, where appointments were succeeding each other, my level of motivation went down significantly. Is this effort going to succeed? Am I moving to stay in the same spot?

I knew my working day was not over, but I found it difficult to concentrate and write. Yes, I admit that my writing has been affected by this motivation slope. I went out for coffee with a friend, but things didn’t improve because she mentioned that if B, my favorite guy, doesn’t find time for me, he’s not interested. That was enough to bring me to an even lower level.

Right now, B seems to represent some of the things I love: sociable, family person, warm, positive. I am not ready to think of someone else. I need more time to realize if I just project on him elements I like, or if I can relate to in a meaningful way. If I can grow to the person who is capable to really meet him.

Being in love with a person, or a dream, can be a tremendous source of motivation, but when this love is not being answered, it is extremely painful and demotivating.

Of course there is the love of God, creation, nature, all that it exists and makes the world go round. But the “in love” feeling is a type of concentrated formula, an explosive serum of love.

If I see something, or someone that I like, my whole being is submerged with desire. The kind of desire also needed for writing.

How can we keep up this motivation, be constantly “in love” with our objective?

How can we stay “in love” with our growing and extending self?


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