May 20- “Bath in motion” and how to hit on a guy

Dear May,

I was going to call it a day, after having woke up at 5.30, been to the Platform, the artistic event Matrix I belong to…  I put some posters for the next exhibition I prepare on Thursday, and had a few business meetings.

It felt so much better to have texted B, to have told him that I like him as a person, regardless of what this might mean for the future. It is as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So, when I came back home, all I wanted was to relax and maybe talk to some friends. K who had just come back to Paris called and we agreed to meet for a drink. She is going to a job interview tomorrow and probably needed some moral support.

We were to meet somewhere in the center of Paris. But, as I was walking towards our meeting point, I noticed an event was taking place in a beautiful Bath store. “B’Bath” offers the concept of “Bath in motion”, associated to well-being. We were welcome for a cocktail, and admired the way a bath can bring us a feeling of harmony, while drinking wine and tasting strawberries in an envelope of dark chocolate.

I was impressed to observe the way a girl was hitting on a guy : she was touching his arm several times just a few seconds after they had met. I am usually shy, so I wondered if this kind of approach is effective. A little bit later, I saw him again by himself.

I don’t know if I could generalize and say that men -in Paris- don’t like women to take an initiative. I doubt that. It is probably that touching someone right away goes a bit too far.

And I am not sure this is enough to create a connexion.

I include the link to the exhibition, in order to thank them for the nice cocktail.

D’DAYS 2014 : B’bath crée le mouvement

Bath in motion,  l’exposition événement du 19 au 25 mai 2014

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