May 6- Paris and relationships: past, present and future

Hello May,

what’s up? You were changing moods today: from rainy to sunny and windy. We didn’t know how to dress. I was almost running to get back home from my meeting with an old University classmate. She is currently living in Geneva, and came to Paris for a few days. It was nice to catch up. It has been three years since we last met; she had come with her husband. This time, we could have some girl-talk. I suggested the Rotonde, for a drink, a mythical restaurant of Montparnasse, the area were artists had taken their headquarters, at the beginning of 20th century.

She then asked me to take a look at another place she knew -a bar, ‘the Scott’- named after Scott Fitzgerald who used to hang around in this area, with Hemingway. It was as if we were going back to the Montparnasse of the 1920s and 30s; or as if we were entering Woody Allen’s film on Paris. She told me about an old fortune teller who had grasped her hand.

We looked from the window. I was almost relieved that the fortune teller was not there. I don’t know if I would have liked him to start mumbling something.

After a brief summary of my love life, as we were walking, my friend concluded that I am in love with love; that I prefer romantic fantasies to living with someone who will get on my nerves every day.

I guess everybody can get in our nerves at some point. But I believe there are people who are happy to be with each other, even if they fight from time to time. Was she judging based on her experience? Is she really happy with her husband?

I love being in love, but I don’t want to indulge into fantasies. It is like the Montparnasse of the past; it is ok to go there for a while, with a tourist friend, to spend an hour in this scenery. It is like watching a film. Paris has a past, but also a present and a future. Even when it comes to the architecture. Take the pyramid in front of the Louvre museum, as an example.

I love being in love with someone I can hold, and who holds me back. Imagination is here to spice our lives.

Oh, what did I do concerning work? I have advanced on the project proposal today, but worked from home. I will go to the Platform when I will feel strong enough.

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