May 3- the awakening

Dear May,

Am I doing well? You are reputed for beautiful flowers, so I am going to use the example of this optical illusion to make my point. Is the orange circle bigger in the first or the second flower? I would say the second is bigger, although I know, it is illustrating an illusion. The orange circles are similar.

It is a question of perspective.  This is why comparison is important. But we need to have different reference points to make useful comparisons.

For example, that is why standing close to different kind of people is so important. With a shorter person, I feel taller. With a group of taller people, I am short.

Other people can be important as reference points, but we need to avoid comparisons similar to optical illusions.

For example, when I compare with X I can see myself as clairvoyant: this person seems unable to acknowledge how lucky she is in her job because of her lack of appropriate reference points. She is offered a position that is an advancement in time of crisis. She is progressing compared to her colleagues. But instead, she is unhappy, comparing with what used to be the job market 10 years ago.

But then, maybe I am having the same attitude in another area of my life. I don’t recognize how lucky I am with my friends or this person interested in me. Because my reference points are not very developed and I am lost in some kind of illusion.  I might look for someone who resembles my ideal of the time I were an adolescent. As if  I have not updated my ideal profile 🙂

That is what I realized after having two discussions on life, work and love, this Saturday in Paris, in different cafés. In the first café, I was reflecting on the behavior of another friend. In the second, I realized I am having a similar attitude to the one I was disapproving of.

In a way, I am victim of an illusion.

That is why friends and different reference points are so important.

To reveal illusions.

14 thoughts on “May 3- the awakening

  1. Very Thought Provoking, I Catch Myself In Similar Line Of Thought. More Often After The Fact, Hopefully My Timing Gets Better Sooner As I Progress! aha

      • Yeah of course, most of my friends are a little blunt, so most times around them they let me have it. Me being young still, I have friends who may be immature at times.

  2. Ah, compared to what? The eternal question. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Some would say that transformation happens the moment you decide; others would say that it’s never completed. Both are right.

  3. Thank you, april4june6, for stopping by and liking one of my posts at Evolution Made Easier. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this post of yours. Insightful and thought-provoking….just may have to feature it as one of my tips in an upcoming post. 🙂

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