April 24- Danny Brillant

April hi,

I will go to the essentials: today I finished the application for the job and mailed it. This has been my biggest accomplishment of the day.

The second is that I finished working on the documents I needed, while listening to Dany Brillant’s albums. The café owner is a big fun and I followed his entire career from “Suzette”, to “On verra demain“.

I like Danny too; if I succeed I might have to thank him for the inspiration.

I couldn’t stay, for once, at my parent’s house. There was a plumbing problem and everybody was agitated. Between the plumber and Danny,  the plumber didn’t stand a chance.

I also realized that if I continue drinking “café au lait” with croissants and pains aux chocolat, exercising only to change table at the café, I will only put on unnecessary weight.

It is time to go back to Paris.


P.S. an example of the café’s music selection (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOzZ1zBBw2A)


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