April 22- a love from the past

Hello April,

how did I do today? I have declined a proposal to go out for a drink in order to work on my CV as a serious and conscientious adult.

I admit that the first part of the day found me struggling against laziness, in my favorite café, despite the urgency of the approaching deadline. I even had the time to listen to the conversation of two men who had a business meeting on real estate and bank loans.

My CV needs to tell a story that is well written and easy to understand. Luckily, a friend will help me with the form. But still, I need to update it and translate part of it in English. And, yes, my spelling is not as perfect as I would have liked it to be.

When my summer event associate and old friend S, joined me, the café owner wondered if I was planning to move there on a permanent basis. S was worrying that he couldn’t find accommodation for our artists, since it is the South of France, and our event takes place during the tourist season.

I thought of my acquaintances who know the whereabouts, and X, a man I had been in love with in the past, crossed my mind. I called him on the spot. I had dated him two summers ago, and had a crush on him, until I found he was “comforting” the widow of a friend for her loss.

I was disgusted when he confessed and decided not to speak to him again.

Was the summer event an excuse to see how he is doing? Maybe. I am not angry any more, although I don’t see any other possible relationship with this person than hotel contact information, and rooms to let.

Still, I felt something while I was on the phone. I was happy to talk to him. Because I like him after all. He is part of a group of friends, and although there are a lot of reasons I don’t want to have him around – negative view about life, egotistic, unfaithful- there are also things I love: his artistic side, imaginative, creative.

I wish you well X. I just need someone who is brave enough for love.

Oh, and thank you for the contacts


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