April 21- success stories

April hello again,

My hometown challenge continues. I have avoided serious work and spent time walking around and chatting with former neighbors who happened to be at my favorite local café.

I am tempted to lie when I am asked about what I do: to present an idealized picture of my life in Paris: did I make it?

After all, I don’t owe the truth to everybody I meet.

But I owe the truth to myself.

What is success to me?

I would have liked to live from what I love to do: writing, and event organizing for example.

And to share my life with people who can connect and co-create with me.

Is the Platform the place for that? It is a school, where I learnt a lot –or at least so I think –  on human beings, relationships, diplomacy. I also have a chance to meet with international artists.

Do I live from what I do? No

Do I connect with people in similar wave length?

There have been waves: In this period, more than I did in the past.

Writing a blog helps me to be clearer about my objectives.

I see that I need to go towards other people with suggestions.

Appreciate what I am and what I am becoming. Accept my drives and desires.

My parents suggested that I find something closer to my hometown. In a smaller structure. Of course, it is not the first time they say that.

Should I go for something smaller close to my hometown or something bigger in another country?

Or strengthen the relationships I have in Paris? And at the same time develop an international network that will allow me to be flexible?

Because I love Paris…


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