April 21- success stories

April hello again,

My hometown challenge continues. I have avoided serious work and spent time walking around and chatting with former neighbors who happened to be at my favorite local café.

I am tempted to lie when I am asked about what I do: to present an idealized picture of my life in Paris: did I make it?

After all, I don’t owe the truth to everybody I meet.

But I owe the truth to myself.

What is success to me?

I would have liked to live from what I love to do: writing, and event organizing for example.

And to share my life with people who can connect and co-create with me.

Is the Platform the place for that? It is a school, where I learnt a lot –or at least so I think –  on human beings, relationships, diplomacy. I also have a chance to meet with international artists.

Do I live from what I do? No

Do I connect with people in similar wave length?

There have been waves: In this period, more than I did in the past.

Writing a blog helps me to be clearer about my objectives.

I see that I need to go towards other people with suggestions.

Appreciate what I am and what I am becoming. Accept my drives and desires.

My parents suggested that I find something closer to my hometown. In a smaller structure. Of course, it is not the first time they say that.

Should I go for something smaller close to my hometown or something bigger in another country?

Or strengthen the relationships I have in Paris? And at the same time develop an international network that will allow me to be flexible?

Because I love Paris…

April 20- challenge

Hello April,

How do I keep positive thoughts for 10 days when I participate in my hometown and family lunches and dinners? There is a family and hometown dynamic with its own rhythm.

After an intensive eating, drinking and chocolate consuming, family conversations form a bubble. It is a challenge not to let oneself being absorbed by the group.

I went for a walk by myself; it was sunny and beautiful, visited my primary school, said hello to the spring roses, the butterflies and had coffee at my favorite café.

Called friends who live in the area and planned to meet up in the next few days.

Did some reading.

Emailed a guy I like back in Paris.