April19- Easter chocolate

Dear April,

yes, it is Easter in my family, and we spent much time cooking and discussing tomorrow’s lunch.

Apart from my parents, two aunts are going to be present.

You want to know if I advanced with my projects?

Yes, I got in tough with my US mentors. Both agreed that they will help my first application next week. I spent the afternoon on skype with mentor no 1, discussing possible ways to get me a funding or job based on my experience.

Both of them are interested in coming to Paris for a tour. The only thing I need is to convince the Big Boss of the platform.

I went out for coffee and smiled here to new faces that appeared -yes, it is also possible in my hometown- but I seemed devoted to my emails and didn’t know how to establish a contact.

I also start to feel impatient, I somehow need more action, and chocolate bunnies are probably those who will pay the price of this impatience.


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