April 17- beginning of a cycle?

Dear April,

your mood was changing today, rain, sun and wind. So was mine.

It is something to come home from time to time, and observe the changes, some unwanted and others wished for, in a place and the people who inhabit it. It is also a way to measure changes in myself.

In your case, also, April, you are part of a cycle, you represent spring, you stay with us for a while, and then go, but we know you will be back in a while.

My friend D emailed me that he is not coming to visit. He has to take a professional trip to Sweden. I was a bit disappointed. D is someone I see twice a year, more or less, he is living in Switzerland. When we meet there are a lot of things to discuss, but he doesn’t really stay in touch when he is away. He is also like a month who is calling on you once a year. I would like to see if we could have a communication at a deeper level, and if his cycle could be shortened.

There is also a cycle concerning my job applications. It is the moment of the year when I am most busy with funding projects and sending my CV to those who might be interested.

How about cats who are looking for a partner or humans who become more amorous in spring? Is there a cycle for this too? Nietzsche ’s eternal return?

Spring could return, and there are habits and people who move in cycles.

But it is also important to change cycles that don’t bring growth. And a small difference every day could produce a huge change.

I want you back April. But I would like you to find me different.

In a way that we would both like.


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