April 15- first day in my home town: the spiderman syndrome

April, hello

First day in my hometown. Do you want to know how my transformation advances?

Spiderman could be a useful metaphor for this:

I am godmother to one of my dearest friend’s sons: Alexandre is 3 years and a half and a big fun of Spiderman. His parents disapprove of this interest but the grandparents let him watch a film with the superhero. And he was “bitten” by spider-mania.

So I had no choice than to buy for him a spider-present. I also told him my version of the spider-hero, whom I know in person. The part that caught his attention was the transformation. Future Spiderman started as an average boy; at least, that is what he felt about himself. This is also what the others perceived him to be.

But, the fact that a spider bites him, radio-active or not- is the first step of his transformation to a super hero. Was it a form of destiny? Could he have “chosen” not to transform?

It seems that getting his super powers is irreversible. The choice is what he decides to do with them. He could have ignored them and hidden them even from himself. He could have turned bad and tried to dominate all those he could.

So the question for me is: I have powers and talents.

Am I conscious of that?


What do I do with them?


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